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Students get close to wildlife at CTC

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Students get close to wildlife at CTC
25Apr 2017

Two groups of children from the Sir John A Cumber School came to visit CTC, to see for themselves the remarkable and amazing wildlife that they had been reading about in books. Kareen Balfoure, a Year One teacher at Sir John A. Cumber Primary School, explained why the children benefit so much from seeing the things they’ve learned all about in the classroom, in real life. “We are doing a Unit of Enquiry called Amazing Animals so that is why the children are on a field trip here at Turtle Centre. They are very excited! Ms. Balfoure explained that field trips such as this one supplement classroom work because when the children return to school they are in the process of writing, of developing a personal narrative which is talking about “me” (the child) and the experience ‘I’ had, rather than anybody else’s experience, or just knowledge gained from a textbook. Cayman Turtle Centre always aims to include local school children in as many programmes as possible. The fact is that school children love coming to Cayman Turtle Centre and seeing and experiencing so much. One of the students, six-year-old Madison said: “I learnt that some animals are camouflaged – by changing their colours. That’s when their colours match the colours of the things around them,” she said. “I liked seeing the parrots best because they’re colourful,” she said.