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Surprise! Turtle eggs hatch two months early

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Surprise! Turtle eggs hatch two months early
29May 2017

Jerris Miller, CTC’s Husbandry Manager got a wonderful surprise. A nest of turtle eggs, laid at the edge of the Breeder Pond in sand, began producing hatchlings – two months early! “Three nights ago we had twenty three turtles hatch out that we didn’t know about – in a nest in the sand of the Breeder Pond. Typically it takes around 60 days for the turtles to hatch out which would mean that those particular eggs were laid in February which is really exceptionally early,” he said. “This month (April) is normally the month when they usually start to hatch – and around the end of April, too. The Department of Environment said they found a turtle nest on the beach on April 4 and that was the earliest they had ever recorded them on the beach but at that time we had already had eggs in the sand for about six weeks. I have no idea why they were so early hatching out this year. The grand total is up to 50 hatchlings now, all safe and sound and swimming in their own hatchling pool. “Normally we wouldn’t be seeing hatchlings for another six weeks,” Mr. Miller said.