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The Cayman Turtle Centre is for all ages

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The Cayman Turtle Centre is for all ages
30Mar 2012


When you read the words “Turtle Centre,” you might think “oh this is for kids and I’ll be bored.” Wrong. Cayman Turtle Centre is a blast for everyone! The Green Sea Turtle is endangered, and the Cayman Turtle Centre keeps them in a comfortable, safe environment where they have a much higher survival rate when breeding. There are huge open-air outdoor tubs for the turtles to breed, eat, swim, sleep, play, and yes…enjoy our company as much as we are digging theirs.
Did you know that these turtles have a lifespan of anywhere from 80 to 150 years? Absolutely incredible. They can weigh over 100 pounds as they get older. This is why you can’t pick up the elders for a photo!
Your whole family is going to love the Cayman Turtle Centre.