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Turtle Tails …at Budgies Pool Bar

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Turtle Tails …at Budgies Pool Bar
26Sep 2017

Budgies Pool Bar is a great new place to chill out and enjoy the cool, poolside atmosphere. Its actually a nice friendly little hut at the side of the freshwater lagoon – immediately recognizable by two colourful budgies, sitting side-by-side, who have been painted onto the roof by Cayman Turtle Centre’s incredibly talented artist, Joseph Betty. Mr. Betty has been responsible for producing some striking sculptures of turtles around the park, and his work continues to enliven the park’s appearance.

“Budgies are a loving pet and it depict the kind of service they are going to give – it’s a family oriented kind of thing – and they both look very happy,” Mr. Betty said. 

Milton Johnson, CTC’s Food & Beverage Manager said: “We are making ourselves more diverse so patrons who want to enjoy the pool don’t have to come all the way over to Schooners any more. We want families to come – so that the kids can go off and enjoy the water slide while moms and dads can chill by the poolside.”

Bartender, Kelly is already famous around the bars of Seven Mile Beach for his exotic cocktails, is going to be mixing them up at Budgies. He’s already got two brand new cocktails he’s invented specially for Cayman Turtle Centre. “I’ve been a bartender for over 17 years and here at Turtle Centre’s Schooners Bar and Grill we’ve got a bunch of new cocktails. First, our signature drink is called Turtle Tales with all-fresh ingredients – such as fresh lime juice, a liqueur, and we serve that with a light rum on the rocks – it’s got a Tarty taste and it’s really refreshing. Again we’ve got a cocktail we’ve created, its called Sparky because its named after the oldest turtle that we have – her and she is eighty years old and weighs over six hundred pounds. This cocktail we’ve created of course with a spark so we’ve got mango puree, fresh muddled ginger, syrup, Old Rum and its served on the rocks Its really good, and everyone is loving it.