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Two new crew members join Splash retail team.

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Two new crew members join Splash retail team.
20Dec 2017

CTC is proud to welcome two new crew members into the Splash gift shop.

Dolyn Powery Ebanks has 30 years’ experience of working with tourists in the Cayman Islands, in various tourism – focused retail stores throughout the Cayman Islands. “I’ve worked at the Ritz Carlton Hotel as well as some jewellery stores. I like working in the tourism business because I enjoy making people happy – I love when people can come and get a beautiful experience to take back with them and get some nice gifts too – to take back from the island to their home. I like working in the Splash gift shop because it’s really big and it has a lot of nice things here to offer, and the prices are very good, so I enjoy working here and I enjoy the people I meet and the people that I work with. It’s really a great company.”

 All that experience in customer service is being put to a great use, in CTC’s Splash shop – which many people say is the best gift shop on the island. Another new face at the gift shop is Rico Orrett Ebanks who also has several years’ experience in retail on the Island, although not in the tourism sector:

“I have been working in retail for the past five to six years. I was actually the retail store manager for Digicel in Cayman and now I’ve moved over into the retail section of the Cayman Turtle Centre,” he said. The secret to great customer service is starting each day with the right attitude, Rico says.

“Providing good customer service is all about your attitude towards the day. Once you wake up and you feel you’re ready to go to work and greet every single customer that comes through the door, no matter if they are happy or sad, it’s up to you to change their mood from when they enter the store to when they actually leave the store,” he said.

Rico is quite well known for his singing abilities in the Cayman Island, and says that he would like to eventually become an internationally recognized singer. “I have opened a lot of different artists who have come to the Cayman Islands, such as in terms of Alicia Keys. That was one of my big performances – at the age of fourteen,” he said.