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Visit by Rehoboth After-Schools programme kids

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Visit by Rehoboth After-Schools programme kids
27Mar 2018

Recently, a youth class from the Rehoboth After- School Programme located in the heart of George Town had a wonderful day, splashing around in Breakers Lagoon after seeing the turtles and other animals that make the Turtle Centre such a special place for children. The After Schools programme enriches the children with all kinds of creatively educational activities – but perhaps what is most important of all is that the Centre just lets the children learn through having fun – which is really what the Centre does best, all the time. It is something that Cayman Turtle Centre takes great delight in supporting, in any way that they can, because one of the main reasons the Centre exists is to help the future custodians of the Cayman Islands to value all the animals and plants here.

Sharleen Campbell – one of the teachers who was looking after the children while they splashed their way down the Turtle Twister water slide, explained why she felt visiting CTC was so good for the children:  “What they are doing here today is they are enjoying the pool, and they are here to enjoy their time learning about turtles and all of those things – being able to swim with turtles and having the opportunity to touch them – learning more about wildlife and the things in the Cayman Islands such as the turtle Centre and all those kinds of things. Not every after-schools programme gets the opportunity to explore the Cayman Islands and so forth, but in our ministry we actually go out to explore the different places so that they are aware of their country.”

The children had a wonderful time swimming at Breakers Lagoon, as well as looking at all the different animals at Cayman Turtle Centre. During the summer months, the Centre usually assists by helping provide a special low rate for the visiting children, during their annual Summer Camp.