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Volunteers from PwC help with measuring turtles

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Volunteers from PwC help with measuring turtles
08Jun 2018

A team of volunteers from PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), a global professional services firm with a strong representation in Cayman, wanted to help with some work at the Turtle Centre as part of their corporate volunteering program.  The young turtles of the saltwater lagoon keep on getting bigger, and so it is very important to measure them and make sure they are all healthy. After a briefing from Adam Jackson, Lead Aquarist, some of the team put on their snorkelling gear and jumped into the water, to catch the turtles, which can be tricky because they can swim very quickly. Others stayed at the side, where they reached over and took the caught turtles from their colleagues, before taking measurements such as weight and width and length of the turtle shell.

Shona McGill, Aquarist, said “This is a turtle survey, gathering the weights of the turtles and their lengths. They’ve been in here a month, as of now, and then in six months’ time, we’ll be doing this again. We do it to help figure out how they are growing in here to make sure they are living a healthy life and gaining weight as they should be, especially at this age because they grow relatively quickly.”

Senior Associate with PwC, Eleine said, “Our Company is volunteering with the Turtle Centre – we are measuring the turtles that have been in this pool in order to track their growth because they are going to be weighed and measured in another six months. Events like this are for showing corporate responsibility, and we like to become part of the community. The staff get awareness while fostering a sense of responsibility to the environment for longevity of the turtles.

Pricilla Connor, Senior Associate for Business Support was busy recording all the measurements on a big chart. “I’ve been documenting the turtles’ weight, length and height,” she said. “It’s been interesting so far and it’s not too complicated, and it’s definitely different from the other volunteer work I’ve done before. I’d definitely come back.”