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West Bay’s John A Cumber Primary School vist CTC

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West Bay’s John A Cumber Primary School vist CTC
06Apr 2018

A large group of young students from West Bay’s John A Cumber Primary School found out for themselves just how amazing animals can be when they came to visit CTC in March.

The children have been studying all about animals, as part of their regular lessons. But CTC always does more for children and teachers – by bringing lessons alive. When students of all ages come to Cayman Turtle Centre they encounter the animals, including the birds and fishes – first-hand. They are able to see the huge turtles of the Breeder Pond, and learn all about the Turtles lifecycle. But first they are invited into our theatre where an exciting talk about the different kinds of animal they will see, and their adaptations to their habitat, from Mr. Geddes Hislop, Curator Terrestrial Exhibits. Mr. Hislop has a rare gift for communicating scientific ideas to children of any age, and making them exciting so that everyone gets involved.

Teacher, Miss Mowatt,  explained why coming to the Turtle Centre was so beneficial for her students: “We have a part of the curriculum called ‘Amazing Animals’ so the children have been studying different types of animals – their coverings, their habitats and how they find food. When they come here they get a good view of all the animals they have been studying about – so they get to apply their learning, when they come here – they can relate to what was taught in class and what they have researched on the internet. They actually get to see the animals in live and living colours.”