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Winning Names Chosen for Parrot Twins

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Winning Names Chosen for Parrot Twins
02Mar 2015


Winning Names Chosen for Parrot Twins

Monday, March 2nd 2015…… After a lively Facebook competition, the Cayman Turtle Centre’s Cayman Parrot “Twins” – who live in the Caribbean Free-flight Aviary, have been given names.

Their new appellations are: Silver and Thatch – in homage to the national tree of the Cayman Islands, the Silver Thatch Palm.

“We think these names are lovely and very appropriate given that the Cayman Parrot is also the Cayman Islands national bird,” said Tina Trumbach, Cayman Turtle Centre Chief Marketing Officer.

The winner of the CTF Facebook competition to name the Parrot “Twins” is Taura Ebanks - the author of “Let’s Explore the Cayman Islands” – which is a children’s book that invites children of all ages to take an adventure on all three islands.

Learn more about the colourfully illustrated story at the “Let’s Explore the Cayman Islands” Facebook page: