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With an assortment of in-house expertise available to assist with educational activities, our education programmes at Cayman Turtle Centre cater to a wide range of audiences: from primary school to university students, nature enthusiasts, and casual visitors.

Class/Orientation Presentations

Basic lesson plans for visiting schools include an interactive presentation in the education room, which can range from a quick overview of the Centre’s exhibits to a detailed topic lecture by our education team followed by a guided tour of subject-appropriate exhibits. Our educational presentations are also available for general public education sessions as well as for corporate and special interest groups.

Resource Materials

With access to so many natural resources in one location, Cayman Turtle Centre is an exceptional real-world laboratory. The Centre uses an integrated learning approach that stimulates the senses, making learning exciting and applicable for all ages and many subject areas.

Lesson Plans

Educational tours and presentations are available onsite as well as virtually. Lesson plans for schools can be customised according to topic, objectives, and activities. There are several “standardised” topics to choose from, including:
  • Sea Turtles of the Cayman Islands
  • Captive Breeding for Conservation
  • Turtling in the Cayman Islands
  • The Silver Thatch
  • Cayman’s National Treasures
  • Animal Families at Cayman Turtle Centre
  • Animal Families and their Lifecycles
  • Living things in their Environments (Adaptations & Ecosystems)
  • Cayman Turtle Centre Tourism Product
  • Math in the Centre

Student Intern/Work Experience

This experience is open to high school students seeking volunteer/work experience credits. Primary responsibility will be to assist the Animal Programmes (terrestrial and marine) staff with the daily projects and routines of animal husbandry and care.

High School Hatchery Mural Art Project

This annual contest is open to high school art students and classes. The winning artwork is displayed in our Education Building and Hatchery for thousands of visitors to enjoy.

Shellby & Friends

Shellby and Friends are the newest mascots of the Cayman Turtle Education and Conservation Centre. Shellby, our green sea turtle, is always out and about, sharing information on why it’s so important to protect the environment. One of Shellby’s favorite on-island initiatives is Plastic Free Cayman! Shellby has taken the 345 Pledge – have you? You don’t have to live in the Cayman Islands to take the pledge. Visit plasticfreecayman.com for more information.

Download Educational Documents