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Animal Feeding Shows

(Monday to Friday unless otherwise noted)

Hand-feeding Birds* & Keeper talks (on request) at the Caribbean Aviary 10:00AM & 2:00PM.

Learn about the colourful & interesting birds of Cayman and the Caribbean. Take part in our fun and educational kids’ bird search activity and win token prizes!

*Handfeeding can sometimes be available on request- depending on animal response

Predator Reef Feeding Frenzy 11:00AM.

  • The Barracuda’s Stalking Ambush
  • Living vacuum cleaners- the Nurse Sharks
  • Tarpon Aerial Attack
  • Sandbar Shark’s Speed Feeding


Turtle Feeding in the breeding pond 11:30AM & 3:30PM (every day).

On weekday mornings, join staff as they feed the turtles at the bridge! The turtles living in Turtle Lagoon are all a part of our Head-Started program. Come listen in to all the interesting details about the program and the importance of placing them back into the wild. You can also join in the feeding fun.

Ask at the Box Office for Turtle Feeding times.


Smiley’s Croc Encounter 11:45AM on specific weekdays only.

Join staff for a Croc talk and learn all about how Smiley’s ancestors gave the Cayman Islands its name! Watch as she follows a red target around her lagoon and jumps in the air to grab her food!

Shark Feeding:

The Bridge above Predator's Reef     Shark feeding in Turtle Park


Turtle Feeding:

Feeding the Turtles        Tourists feeding the shark


Croc Feeding:

Smiley’s Saltwater Lagoon